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January 24, 2011

Lansing MI Realtor Helps Fight Crime!

Recently the MacIntyre & Cowen- The REMAX Grand River Real Estate office in Lansing, MI was contacted by the Lansing Police Department to gain access to one our vacant listing in Lansing's Southside. Needless to say I was skepical when I received the call. After checking with the absentee owner and checking that everything was on the up and up, our office agreed to give exclusive access to property to the local authorities. The intended use was for a one week stake-out to catch an alluding felon. Lansing police had received a tip that a man who had escaped from custody in August, and had numerous weapons charges outstanding, was hiding out in a nearby home. Police considered the man armed and very dangerous The police were able to set up survelliance and collect intel to bring down the criminal at large. Late last Thursday night, after a two hour stand off, the fugitive armed with an assault rifle and wearing a bullet-proof vest, was captured.

The MacIntyre & Cowen Remax Grand River office was honored by the Lansing Police Department with a visit to the office and a gift of gratitude for our cooperation and assistance in the matter. Peter MacIntyre and Eleanor Cowen, Associate Broker/Owners were thrilled with the result. Pictured is the MacIntyre & Cowen office staff. Visit the website at www.pmachomes.com
The MacIntyre & Cowen Remax Grand River offices are located at 2824 E Grand River Ave Suite C & D  Lansing, MI 48912

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