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I am confident that you will find the service and expertise you require in my team and me as your representation. Our track record of buying and selling homes is a testimony of my team’s success in navigating through many of the most difficult circumstances in the real estate industry. You need someone who can guarantee you results and who understands both the real estate market and the financing programs that are available in our market. I think of my team as “Solution Specialists” and we are known as experts in identifying different options and getting results. With today’s economy, you need an expert to buy or sell a home and that is what the MacIntyre & Cowen Team offers: service, knowledge, and experience. http://www.pmachomes.com 517.999.2675

December 13, 2012

Why We Do What We Do!

Wonderful testimonial from a recent client - the reason we strive to provide the very best service to our clients!

“Please pay attention because I'm going to save you a huge amount of time and money and frustration and trouble if you just take the advice I am about to give you. My advice is to run, don't walk, into MacIntyre and Cowen's RE/MAX office to list your current home and/or to search for a new home.

I made the mistake of going a different route, and it cost me over 3 years with 3-4 other realtors. I thought the delay was just the sign of the times and that it was normal, and that everyone was experiencing the same thing, but I was wrong. I finally did a smart thing and called Peter and asked for help. Folks, this guy and his team were awesome. Immediately, they kicked into high gear and got the ball rolling. I know they have many customers, but they take care of you, and you will feel special with them, like you are the most important customer they have. But the proof is in the putting. To make this long story short, our house was sold in 11 days. ELEVEN DAYS! It was unbelievable. And, as happy as I was I had to ask myself, why on earth did I not go to him in the first place and save all this trouble? Why did I wait so darn long?

Please don't be like me and go through what I did. I learned a valuable lesson the hard way, and I am posting this so you won't have to go through it too because it's not worth the time and money and headache. I'm telling you as honestly as I know how that this agency IS AT THE TOP OF THE HEAP. They will get the job done. Period. “

Thank you for listening, and good luck. 

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